How to Make a Lady Happy this Christmas

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As Linus told us, Christmas is not about the presents. Really. But we all know that it’s hard to slide through Christmas without buying at least a few gifts for those we love. And while it is the thought that counts, doesn’t it rock when you get a gift that the recipient truly loves and will actually use? That way you get to avoid that whole awkward “oh! Thank you so much for this, I’ve always wanted a Snuggie! Here are some of my favorite things that I’m sure any lady would love to open up.

christmas list1. Dinner: A Love Story    This is the perfect cookbook for anyone, whether they’re Ina Garten or Amelia Bedelia. Filled with stories of everyday life, you feel like you are best friends with the author, Jenny Rosenstrach by the end. I read it cover to cover, not even just for the recipes! The recipes aren’t intimidating, and are much more of a guide than a strict recipe, allowing you’re creative juices to flow.

2. Barr-Co Hobnail Candle    As you may know, I’ve been working at Anthropologie for a few months (and totally love it!). Every time I passed the table that had these candles stacked high, I had to stop and take a whiff. I couldn’t help myself. While a little pricey, it has an extremely long burn time and is just the most delicious smelling thing on planet earth so it’ll make any lovely lady happy. Candles may be an overused gift idea, but when they are as superior as these ones, it’s worth it. (ps…the website has the pictures labeled wrong, the pink is the pomegranate in real life which is my favorite).

3. Backgammon    For the gamer/card player/camper/thinker/competitor in your life, this modern and beautiful revamped board of a classic game is perfect!

4. Gray Infiniti Scarf    I actually own this scarf, it’s the first infinity I have and I love it! It’s so super warm, and neutral enough to wear with just about everything. This is a great gift for a secret santa, or anyone that you’re just not quite sure what to get them.

5. French Paddle Board   For the woman who is always entertaining, you can never go wrong with a beautifully designed cutting board. Classic and simple, this can be used as a cheese board, carving board, veggie platter, really anything! I have actually visited the Vermont Farm Table storefront in Burlington, and it is the earthiest of earthy quaint shops I’ve ever seen. You walk in, surrounded by handmade furniture, cutting boards, bread boards, and out from the workshop in the back pops a perfectly rugged man (obviously wearing flannel and sporting a little more than scruff) willing to help you with whatever you need!

6. Compost Pail   Speaking of rugged men from Vermont, if there’s a hippie in your life, this is what I’d get them. They might just be using a boring old bowl in their kitchen, but you can totally take their composting skills to the next level with this eye catching compost pail.

7. Hand Therapy   Okay, so hand lotions and potions may also seem an overused gift but once again, this is one that she will actually use! This is not some overly scented Bath and Body Works nonsense, this is the most quenching drink your hands could ask for. Entering the winter season, we’re all susceptible to crackly knuckles, this is one cream that she will use over and over again, thinking of you each time.

8. Stendig Wall Calendar   Again, this might seem another obvious general gift for someone. But the Stendig calendar is so bold and beautiful, the OCD organized woman in your life will love you forever and for always.

Hope these help!




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