Black Walls


Some choices are bold. Some would say painting a living room purple (as I have) is bold, but I’d say that’s just being interesting. But black? Black is bold. I really wish I had the guts to do it somewhere, because my oh gosh does it look crazypants awesome. Here’s some examples of how incredible it can look:

High contrast bathroom:

in a small office space, it balances out all of the other colors/textures to prevent the room from looking too overwhelming.

and my favorite, the clean look of black against rustic touches such as distressed wood and exposed lightbulbs for a unique look:

Would you ever not be scared to paint a wall black? I know you can always paint it back to whatever you want, but black feels permanent. What is the craziest color wall in your house?



ps…images sourced from here, here and here. Thanks!


Author: audrey

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2 thoughts on “Black Walls

  1. We went with what I consider to be bold colours when we painted our home and it was a big, scary step for me. I love how it all turned out however I’m not adventurous enough to paint any wall black.

    • My mom would always pick out fun colors for the walls like pinks and bright yellows and teals, and then she would just sit in the rooms for about a week after we painted it shaking her head like, “what have I done!!” until someone came in our house and complimented the color choices, she was never sure about it!!

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