Happy Friday!

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1. Hello amazing, nice to see you.

2. Hurricane and snow within two weeks? I don’t mind. It’s pretty.

3. Lipstick is for ladies.

4. Let’s all just be happy hippies.

5. Wait what? My two favorite things all mashed in one? Also, Congratulations Deb!!

6. Just, yes.

7. Step one: find a phone booth. Step two: Find a birthday person.

8. FINALLY. I can go back to being a secret evil genius again!

9. Yes, it is a splurge. No, I promise you it’s not optional.

10. Ahahahahha. Hahhaha. Haaaahhhahahhaa.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!




Author: audrey

I bake photograph smile drink sparkling water eat cucumbers& goldfish wake up at 6:30 dance clean have hair with a personality adore kids

One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. Great links! I am in love with the re-do on the buffet, amazing! Have a great weekend.

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