Monday Already?

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I’ve just realized that I’ve never spoken about something very important to me on here, music! I grew up in a household that was never quiet (although not one of us is musically talented…). My mom used to wake us up with her own words ad-libbed into songs. You can hear my dad pull into the driveway from three blocks away because he listens to the Grateful Dead so loud in the car. My brother is physically incapable of doing homework unless there is music happening as well.

With that, I decided to share a little bit of how we work music into our lives today on the blog. A music monday, if you will.

As I mentioned before, my dad is totally a Dead head. I just don’t get it. They make my ears bleed. But, the way I feel about the Dead is the way he feels about Christmas music before December 15th, so we’ve made some compromises. Over the years we’ve found music that we can both listen to. It’s a give and take situation, for every Rolling Stones song I must get one Ingrid Michaelson song (though he doesn’t mind her now that he’s seen her live and knows how awesome she is, and the Stones are growing on me every day). He gets no Dead/Further/any other jam band, and I get no Wicked. If we are in the car together for a long period of time, our playlist looks a lot like this…


All of the music on here is fairly inoffensive. It’s good transition music for someone just trying to get into rock and roll that likes alternative. If you are just trying to bond over music with your dad, I suggest starting with Easy Wonderful by Guster. It’s pretty pop-y, but GENIUS. Probably my favorite album of all time. Next I would go with Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads. It’s fun, upbeat music that I haven’t found anyone dislikes. Maybe save the Neil Young for a later date, after you’ve fully understood CSNY. AM by Wilco is another easy to listen to album.

If you aren’t into buying music and you have Sirius/XM, you should totally listen to The Spectrum. It’s my favorite radio station by far, the DJ’s are awesome and they find really great new music as well as playing classic rock. Some of my favorite bands were introduced to me through The Spectrum.

I’d love to hear about what you listen to in your house to make everyone happy!



ps..Sirius didn’t pay me to promote them (although they’re welcome to if they’d like to, I could keep going on about the Spectrum!), I just love the station that much.


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One thought on “Monday Already?

  1. My very first album as a teen was Neil Young’s Harvest. Today I love listening to Norah Jones, always Neil Diamond and CCR, Michael Bubl√© and Adele, Black Eyed Peas and Josh Groban. Your post made me think of my Dad, whom I can never remember singing but he would put hook up his headset to the stereo and listen to Nana Mouskouri and Montovani.

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