Pretty Pretty Pendant


I’ve seen these happy little flag banners floating around the internet for a couple years now, but always to celebrate something. Like people put them up for parties, or make itty bitty ones for tops of cakes, or line their backyard with them to let everyone know that it’s summer. I made a summery banner to serve as a backdrop for the dessert table at my graduation party in July, but loved it so much I decided it must stay.


(notice the evolution of Display Your Dishes!)

It was super simple, I just cut up a gift wrap bag from Target that was a fun pattern (cheaper than cardstock and they had super fun big bold patterns) into triangles, punched two holes in the top, and strung them up with bakers twine. It stayed up until about a week ago, when I decided to go for a more “there’s a chill in the air so let’s break out the mulled cider” look. To make this happen, I decided chevron+stamps+natural would work. I cut triangles from natural brown cardstock this time and then stamped them with a huge chevron stamp before punching holes and stringing up. I’m really happy with how it came out, I hope I have a Christmasy idea next or this might just stay up forever! (or at least until chevron stops being such a fabulous fad)


Go make your house pretty and stare at it! It’s fun!




Author: audrey

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Pendant

  1. That is so cool! Wow… you are creative! And I love the painting next to the window too…. so glad it has such a happy, pretty. warm home!!!

  2. What a gorgeous room and the window *treatment* is adorable. Love how you are displaying your cake stands too.

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