Boarding Up


Remember how I like to decorate with purpose? (ps remind me to show you how that windowsill has evolved over this year..) I like to display the beautiful things around our home that also have a function. While I’d love to have a walk in pantry to house all of our foods/kitchen gadgets/platters and such, that’s just not an option. So I’ve figured out ways to display our most used items around the kitchen that doesn’t make them look as if they were just thrown there for no reason.

I used a command hook (my favorite invention ever…and no I was not paid to advertise this I just love their products, they really suit my indecisive personality well what with their non-permanent nature and all.) on the side of my microwave to hold up our pizza peel…


I’ve leaned this other pretty pretty board up against our photos on the wall…

And this last one was tricky. There was no way to hang it, and it was too tall to lean up against anything. Then I realized that unlike the other two, it doesn’t have a leather loop. Easy fix! I picked up some leather cording from the jewelry section of michaels, attatched a little loop of it with krazy glue, and let it dry for a few hours before hanging it on my favorite command hook again!

Do you use any of your things with function to decorate your house?






Author: audrey

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3 thoughts on “Boarding Up

  1. Love that what you use often is close at hand in your kitchen while creating some lovely *wall-art* and conversation pieces at the same time.

  2. Hey!!!! The bread boards you got in Portland!!! I LOVE them!!!! Great way to display!
    You are SO creative, Audrey!!!!!!!!

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