Switch it, Change it, Rearrange it!

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Sprucing things up doesn’t always mean you have to spend money. A lot of times you can make a space look new just by using things you already have on hand. (Or at least I can, with my basement that looks like it belongs to a hoarder). This shelf, for example. On it was sitting a Pottery Barn knock off cubby thing from Homegoods and a Dali clock from Urban Outfitters. (Both of these were dorm objects that are now decorating my living room!) It was a little blah, even with that cute blue vase from goodness knows where in the cubby, so I looked around to see what I could do about it.


After a quick sweep of the house I found an old vase from Ikea, a pumpkin from my windowsill in the kitchen, and a few extra sunflowers from a bouquet on the coffee table. All it took was a few minutes and a little creativity and it’s like a whole new shelf!


I hope that weird sideways pumpkin thing doesn’t bother you…I was feeling the whole surreal thing. Take a few minutes, see if there’s anything you already have in your house that might look good elsewhere. You might be surprised with what you find!



Author: audrey

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One thought on “Switch it, Change it, Rearrange it!

  1. The shelf looks great! I love that clock ;) I’m always moving things around and re-arranging things in my house. I get bored when things stay the same for too long. Don’t know what that says about me but it is what it is :)

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