im sitting on my new tall bed right now eating an open faced pb&j sandwich thinking about how college my dinner is and how this first night is nothing like how i expected it to be after hearing years of stories from my parents about how they met all of their wonderful lifelong friends the first night at oneonta because the best of all friends knocked on everyones doors and said come to the rathskellar im buying and they decided they wouldnt get rid of him until he stopped buying and he still hasnt stopped and now instead of going to the rathskellar and listening to the stones we go to campus run ice cream socials that are really more like lame raves without the scrunchies and with the ice cream because they want those freshman getting that fifteen on early and how can we be social with ice cream anyway what is this grease and why is there a girl in my room telling me how she keyed someones car and asking me why im so surprised because dont i do stuff like that when im angry and i dont get how she can think that someone who has happy quotes about sunbeams shining out of your face hanging behind her bed can get angry and especially how she thinks that i could key a car when i know that keying  car would make a sound so horrific it would be like nails on chalkboard times a thousand speaking of chalkboards as excited as i am for college life i really kind of secretly deepdown except not at all deep down wish i was going to high school tomorrow where everything is familiar and people say hi back when you wave and smile at them instead of the people here who are too freshman for their own good and still fear friendliness i dont think i ever learned how to make friends is there a formula and how come i cant hang christmas lights in my room do they understand that people like me need a little cheer in their life all year round and where do they keep the food in this place anyway how come i cant just have a kitchen and feed everyone like i do at home because thats the only way i know how to make friends anyway i wonder if i should carry a basket of baked goods around campus i think id either make friends fast or people would think im trying to kill them and someone asked me if i was an art major today and it made me really happy and someone else told me they liked my skirt and i hope these people understand how much their little teeny tiny comments meant to me today and i wonder if this will feel like home any time soon because right now it feels like im on vacation but without the beach and without people that i know and is it socially acceptable to walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth without a bra on they should tell you things like this before you move in because sharing a bathroom with 20 other people is a lot more shocking of an experience than i expected there is hair everywhere and i can see the freshman look in other peoples eyes and i hope i dont have that look although considering i just wrote a stream of consciousness as long as my arm im betting that i probably do and i think i should just sleep on this whole experience and revisit my brain tomorrow. good night college.Image


Author: audrey

I bake photograph smile drink sparkling water eat cucumbers& goldfish wake up at 6:30 dance clean have hair with a personality adore kids

3 thoughts on “college?

  1. I didn’t have that 1st night experience your parents did… it took 2 years for me to adjust to college… hang in there! Luckily you are so close to home, you can visit easily, anytime!

  2. aww good luck audrey! i was to scared to go away to college & i still don’t know how to “make friends” i wait ’til it just happens. i like the baked goods in a basket idea! spread some cheer!!!!! <3

  3. No doubt about it, first time away at college is scary stuff and it’s normal to be feeling everything that you are. Main thing to remember is to just be yourself. The new friendships will blossom, the new surroundings will soon become comfortable and familiar and before you know it, you’ll be feeling the *vacation beach* warm and wonderful under your feet and you won’t be afraid to explore every inch of it.

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