oh, Georgia


I think I’m just starting to get it.

The magic I’ve been hearing about.

The south, it’s different.


I’m slipping away from my hurried Long Island attitude and falling into the “I’ve got nowhere to be except for right here right now” mentality, if only for this week.

Down here, lips turn upward at the corners for strangers. The best part is- it’s genuine.

Even the air is hospitable, it’s the perfect balance of warmth and breeze, just right like Goldilocks’ porridge.

And the pralines.

ohhhh the pralines.

I hate it when I discover something so breathtakingly delicious it can only be savored, not devoured. Or do I love it?

I think I’ll stay, just a little bit longer.






Author: audrey

I bake photograph smile drink sparkling water eat cucumbers& goldfish wake up at 6:30 dance clean have hair with a personality adore kids

2 thoughts on “oh, Georgia

  1. Loving being here with you Audrey and I love your beautiful piece on Georgia.

  2. Enjoy your unhurried stay and thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts on your visit.

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