Red Velvet Cupcakes


Remember bringing cupcakes into school on your birthday in elementary school?

Everyone loved you even if it was just for that day, not only because you were providing them with sugar, but because you were wasting valuable class time with your “I exist because I was born on this day x number of years ago so we should celebrate” needs.

And then you got to go around to your old teachers with the extras, and see the “little kids” who were probably not even 6 months younger than you.

It was kind of like a mini power trip on top of a sugar coma.

This past weekend I did a double order of cupcakes for a double order of kids (they’re twins and I just crack myself up). Considering that I was a chocolate only person at the age of 8, I’d say these kids have a pretty sophisticated palette for their age.

Red velvet with marshmallow frosting was requested.

Since I find this recipe to be perfect as it is, I’ll just send you over here to see it.

I usually top them with the cream cheese frosting attached to the recipe, but this marshmallow frosting was pretty delicious as well.

The recipe says that you’ll get 30 cupcakes out of it, I get about 38 perfectly sized though.





Author: audrey

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2 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cupcakes

  1. No wonder I was never *the* popular kid in school…I never brought in cupcakes on my birthday. No fun when your birthday lands in the summer months LOL. These look delicious and I have yet to have anything red velvet. Must remedy that real soon.

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