Operation Gatsby week 1

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I have this image in my head. An image of grand proportions, in which I’m hosting a Gatsby-esque party in my backyard. A large intimate party. Hundreds of twinkling lights hung over an acre of lush grass, tons of friends dressed to the nines, sipping on brandy and nibbling on hors’doeuvres. Every. Darn. JuneJulyAugust weekend.

There’s just a few problems with this dream. I have no acre of lush grass. I have not tons of friends. Who actually drinks brandy and nibbles on hors’doeuvres? This generation drinks beer and attacks pizza. I’m going to throw a Gatsby party this summer, at least once.

My first step is to get my backyard into the best shape it can be. Instead of wishing for a perfectly square acre, I’m just going to make my crazy lollipop shaped backyard with an old deck beautiful.  Maybe I’ll add a little furniture too, since right now we’d have to go all japanese and sit on the ground to eat.

Goal: get my backyard in tip top shape. Take advantage of the spaces and things that I do have, instead of wishing for the things that I don’t. Try not to spend a gazillion dollars. Try not to even spend a thousand dollars. Make this backyard fun.

This week I plan on power washing and possibly sealing the deck. Today I started the ball rolling (at 6pm with the light still up- I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS) by taking the totally unnecessary gates off of my deck…


notice the umbrella stands for the umbrellas we don’t have and the ashtray for the cigarettes we don’t smoke. This place needs some work.


I’ll have to figure out something to do with that random little pole sticking out of the ground there. Maybe I’ll make it a street sign kind of thing. Maybe. I’ll have to think.

I’m also going to find something to do with those gates… any ideas?



ps. this whole project was inspired by my new two favorite blogs…

Young House Love

Bower Power


Author: audrey

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One thought on “Operation Gatsby week 1

  1. Looks to me that your beautifully treed back-yard would be perfect for your Gasby-esque party. How exciting and such a great theme for a party. You could use that gate as a support for any climbing plants you have or may plant in the future. You could also paint the post with the words…caution, look down :)

    Have fun getting everything ready for this summer party. I can’t wait to read all about it later :)

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