Basil Butter!


I don’t know if I can even call this a recipe. Two ingredients of pure deliciousness. The first (and only) time I had butter in a restaurant was in Grand Cayman, one of those lovely trips I’m so lucky to have been on. We got there on a Sunday and pretty much the entire island is closed on Sundays, so by the time we ate at a beautiful restaurant on Monday we couldn’t have been more excited to see humanity and eat food. They first brought out a breadbasket with a block of this butter and another kind. (This trip was in 2009 and I still remember the bread and butter- I think I remember every bread basket I’ve ever had). The other kind of butter was garlicky and that’s not my cup of tea but this one-oh my. It was such a simple concept I couldn’t believe I’d never had it before. We recreated it when we got home and have been ever since.

Basically all you do is take a stick of softened butter and use a fork to smash it together with a handful of chopped fresh basil. I just put mine in one of my little bowls in the fridge and enjoy it for up to two weeks, but you could also make individual portions of it by molding it into ice cube trays and being all fancy like. Serve it with warm bread and if you’re like me, call it a meal.





Author: audrey

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5 thoughts on “Basil Butter!

  1. While I do love garlic butter these basil butter looks very good too!

    P.S. Did you mean to type *handful of freshly chopped garlic*? (Feel free to delete this portion of the comment)

  2. I think you probably meant a handful of basil not garlic ;)
    I still remember when I had lemon butter many yrs ago! I forget what resteraunt…. But bread & butter has never been quite as delicious.

    • Thanks for catching that! I really need someone to edit my posts for me… I always read them the next day and find ten mistakes haha.
      I’m going to have to try lemon butter next, do you know what kind of bread you had it with?

  3. it was brown nutty bread :) im no foodie, so not sure what you call that type! my new favorite bread is morning rounds muesli by ozery bakery which i got from costco. <3 if you like nutty/ grainy bread try it! so yum!

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