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My hundredth post was just a Wordless Weekend and I couldn’t use words to say how excited I am that I’ve reached 100!! When I started this blog I didn’t know if it would stick, and at times it didn’t. I’m trying really hard to keep this going because I find that when I’m posting, I operate at a higher level. 100! That’s a big number! That’s triple digits!! Sorry I’m pointing out the obvious! I’m just excited! I love having things to celebrate!

Anywho, I’m about to share with you a recipe for bread and you have absolutely NO EXCUSE not to make it. It takes 4 ingredients not including flavorings, one hour of inactive rising time, and absolutely zero kneading. Did I mention that it’s delicious and wonderful and even great the next day? yeah. make it please. Everyone who eats it will fall in love with you.

Since I didn’t really change up the recipe at all, here it is!

Look at that beautiful spongy bread.

I omitted the pizza flavoring and cheese powder, and replaced it with regular old dried basil and oregano.

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One thought on “101!

  1. Your 100th post was a great photo post and congratulations on reaching this blogging milestone! Post #101 is great too, that bread looks scrumptious and changing the pizza and cheese powder for basil and oregano was a great idea.

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