Two First Names

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How do you feel about two first names? I’m not a fan. But sometimes, people who have two first names turn out to be poetic geniuses. And they make this EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY diy artwork possible!!

It’s definitely DIY week over here in my crib. Tomorrow you’ll get to see my room, unedited. I’m a little scared but I think I’ll be able to redeem myself with the after pictures.

These canvases are 12″x36″ and cost $30 each. I used up leftover paint from the walls and my front door so the colors matched exactly, and didn’t cost at thing! It took me 37 minutes to complete, plus drying time. It’s like a brand spankin new wall. Before this weekend, this picture would’ve looked like a purple blank wall with a crazy huge tiffany lamp under it. Now it’s got some bd all over it and a $10 funky Ikea lamp!!

Cheap. Dramatic. Perfectly imperfect. Lovely!

Happy President’s week!!




Author: audrey

I bake photograph smile drink sparkling water eat cucumbers& goldfish wake up at 6:30 dance clean have hair with a personality adore kids

One thought on “Two First Names

  1. I just love what you did and I love that you have a purple wall in your livingroom! Your artwork looks wonderful.

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