Do you ever wonder?


Do you ever feel like the radio has super powers? Sometimes it just plays exactly what it’s supposed to, at exactly the right moment?

I don’t know, maybe it’s not super powers. Maybe it’s something else.

February 14th is the last day I remember my mom as the person I want to remember her as. Healthy, vibrant, active. It was right around this time two years ago her health really went downhill, but I’ll never forget my last valentines with her. I cuddled up in bed with her that morning for the first time in years. We talked. I learned. She pretty much handed me wisdom that day, almost like a preparation. We danced. The Talking Heads were involved, along with perhaps a few too many m&ms.

What does this have to do with the radio?

Well this morning, as I sobbed in my car on the way to school because I didn’t get to hug her this morning and wish her a happy valentines day, and I knew I wouldn’t be finding a mom made peanut butter sandwich cut into a heart in my lunchbox (today was one of her favorite silly holidays), I heard Hope by Jack Johnson, Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow, and And She Was by the Talking Heads. All in a row.

Maybe I’m crazy, but maybe that’s just her up there, wishing me a lovely love day.

Keep listening. Maybe someones trying to tell you something and you haven’t even noticed it.



My last (physical) gift ever from my mom. A heart shaped box filled with wishes and wise words. Almost like a Barron’s Book for life. Maybe I’ll share it with you one day, but for now, it’s her words to me.

Author: audrey

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3 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

  1. I too, like to believe that those songs on the radio were your Mom’s way of wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Her last Valentine gift to you was beautiful and I can only imagine how comforting each wish and wise word are to you now. I know that while we are no longer able to touch, see and hear our loved ones who have left us, they are still always with us. We just have to be more aware of their presence. Happy Valentine’s Day Audrey xo

  2. Wow….. what a gift! I just know she was with you yesterday – as all days – she just made sure you knew it! Thinking of you………. <3Rhonda

  3. It’s true Audrey! I know it’s her with songs that I hear at times too.

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