Let’s Talk Business-what I do.

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I’m going to attempt to start a new series. We all know how long those last. Exhibit A. Exhibit B (which I plan on bringing back!) This one is going to consist of me talking about business, as I know it/do it/live it/learn it. It might be wordy and boring for you, but I want to be able to look back five years from now and see how much I’ve learned.

This year, plays with food has evolved a lot. I started selling my products (mostly just cakes and cookies back then) during the summer of 2009, totally oblivious to the fact that selling my work meant a lot more than just getting paid to bake. I didn’t even think about the future of this business, it was just a thing I decided to do. On a whim I put together a little rinky dink website, made up fliers to hand out to teachers, and thought I’d be an instant success. Looking back, I realize that people only ordered from me because I was the cute 15 year old looking to make a quick buck. Last year I began to realize that if I was going to really do this (for real-like, as a grown up), I needed to step it up. I finished out the year doing what I did, charging people what seemed right, and doing the best I could. 2012 started all new things for me.

I’m now keeping records. Not organized ones, but I write down everything I can think of that has to do with the order. I now have an actual price range. Although all of my desserts are custom, now the prices are somewhat consistent. I’m depositing any and every penny I make this year into my savings account, so at the end of the year I know if this business is actually lucrative.

Not only has plays with food become more productive and organized, I can already see it starting to grow. In January I threw my first birthday party, where I baked with about 8 five year old kids! It was a blast, I can so see myself moving in that direction in the future. The party was complete with upside down names one chef’s hats.

A week after that, I photographed my first event. That was big. Huge, even. I don’t know if I did a good job or a bad job, but for my first job, I did my best.


I’m adding a logo to my business this year, which to me makes it real.

I love my job, I love working for myself, I love the reward of creating my own income. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for plays with food, I’m totally excited about it!

And I’m sorry if this post was really boring and seemed like I was bragging or something, I’m really not trying to. I just want to be able to look back and see what I started from!




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One thought on “Let’s Talk Business-what I do.

  1. In the beginning, people may have ordered from you because you *were that cute kid trying to make a buck* but if your product was not any good, the orders would have stopped coming in. Obviously, from looking at your bakery website, people kept ordering because your product was good and you do your very best to deliver to your customers what they ordered.
    I think it is fabulous that your are taking your baking and photography business to the next level and beginning to track everything (including all your expenses to fill each order). Baking and photograpy seems to be your passions and if you can make a living by following your passions then life is very good indeed.
    I wish you all the best with everything and I’ll be watching (and rooting for you) with great interest as I also, can’t wait to see what the future hold for “Plays With Food”

    P.S. Nothing in this post came across as *bragging*, not in the least. Both of your photographs are wonderful :)

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