Thanking Five

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Tonight I’m thanking five. The magic year, when they get it. You know, the joke. I’m thankful for the privilege I’ve had this year to meet so many five year olds. Sometimes we forget that kids can be our best teachers.

Here are just some of the things I’m grateful to have learned from my pint-sized friends…

A smile too big does not exist.

Potato chips can help one see more clearly.

Similarly, ice cream the size of one’s head topped with gummy bears solves any and all problems.

You’ll never forget your bat-shoes if you leave them at the door.

Slides make for the best of bad hair days.

A man dressed with dad is a man well dressed.

Never underestimate the power of, “but why?”

It is possible to wear multiple smiles simultaneously.

The work of Edvard Munch has the potential to be cute.

Don’t be afraid to fly. And wear silly shoes every chance you get.

Sometimes the slimey-est yuckiest creatures really aren’t that bad.

Standing still is for squares.

Take your time, and think.

And finally, a good giggle mixed with a healthy dose of sunshine fixes all boo boos.

Author: audrey

I bake photograph smile drink sparkling water eat cucumbers& goldfish wake up at 6:30 dance clean have hair with a personality adore kids

One thought on “Thanking Five

  1. Beautiful, beautiful post. We all need to remember how to be five.

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