I guess I’ve been a little quiet.


It may seem like I’ve been really quiet, but I promise I haven’t.
I’ve been doing things like this…


That’s right. A tie dye party fundraiser in the courtyard. AWESOME!

What was this fundraiser for you may ask? Just this lovely little big walk I’ll be doing along with a lovely friend. It’s the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a marathon and a half walk throughout Manhattan. I’m pretty pumped.

We had to raise a minimum of $3,600 to walk. It took us 8.5 days to get this done. AND we surpassed our goal by almost $1000. I’m sorry, I’m just a little proud of us.

What does any of this have to do with a blog? Well, everything. Most of the money that wasn’t raised at this tie dye fundraiser was raised  through bake sales. There were cupcakes and cookies and granola bars. And I’ll be sharing those recipes soon. I just wanted to let the few of you that read this know that I’m here, just busy. Busy is winding down for now, just as college applications are about to be started. So maybe blogging will be sparse. I promise though, I didn’t forget about this cozy little site.

It’s all good.




Author: audrey

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3 thoughts on “I guess I’ve been a little quiet.

  1. What you have done for your fund-raiser is nothing short of awesome and you should be so very proud! Your t-shirts are wonderful and I’m so happy that you not only met your goal, but that you surpassed it. I have a feeling that you will continue to surpass any goals you may set for yourself throughout your life. Best wishes on your walk. Looking forward to your recipes being posted when you have the time.

  2. Many thanks to your efforts to fight breast cancer! Without the Army of Fighters like you breast cancer will win!

  3. I LOVE your t-shirts! Every time I try to tye-dye anything, it ends up looking like an ink blot test. And congrats on the fund-raising! Like the comment above me, you should be very proud! And as a college student, I just wanted to let you know…college apps aren’t thaaat bad :)

    p.s. I was directed to your blog after I mentioned I needed help with food photography. You are amazing! Do you have any tips or tricks for a novice food photographer?

    Thank you!

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