This is even better than food.

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I’m about to toss over 60 photos your way. None of them have food in them. I hope you don’t mind. I had the opportunity to walk through one of the most gorgeous houses I’ve ever been in yesterday, and I really want to share the experience with you. Have you ever described walking through someone’s home as an experience? Yeah. It was that amazing. Whoever decorated this house has an unbelievable sense of style, it felt like I was walking through a pottery barn magazine. I’m pretty sure she’s a photographer too,  I saw some black and white prints of her kids (who are just as beautiful as the house). If by any chance you are the owner of this house and you are reading this right now, I hope you don’t mind me showing the world your cozy abode. And please let me live with you. Thanks.

The front entrance takes you into the dining room. Simple beauty.

a beautiful little fireplace

a loooong desk. lots of space for me to clutter.

yay for organization that is also pretty!

for coziness

Imagine how many cake domes would fit on this bookshelf?

and then there’s the kitchen. glorious i tell you.

do you see this island? DID YOU SEE THIS ISLAND?

it’s the little things.

a nice large pantry for all of one’s storage needs, including colorful chalk from ikea.

and then the most precious and picturesque chalkboard ever…


the owner left pretty yellow flowers on the most beautiful island ever. in a pitcher. a woman of my own heart, putting flowers in beverage containers.


sometimes sea glass set on an entryway table in a bowl makes me happy.

you better do a double take. that is a real scale.

oh what a lovely skeleton key, if only they still worked in locks.

oh right, i forgot that in perfect houses THEY DO WORK!

i’ve decided that every bathroom needs mason jars full of bath salts.

i wonder if it says, “own a perfect little yellow house with nothing out of place” on one of the pages in this book.

it’s a coat rack. in a bedroom. boom. genius.


a stool next to a bed. I bet a glass of water would fit perfectly right there.

coolest kids bedroom ever. i wish my room had a ceiling like that.

this window is what fairytales are made of.

off of the third floor, (yes, the third), there was this random little staircase leading to a door. hmmm. curious.

A DOOR TO NO WHERE! just for looking! how cool!

homey bathroom. 

just another one of the dining room for ya..

who knew buttons could be so artsy?

just part of the third floor kitchen. whatever.

and another working skeleton key. it’s not a big deal.

glass bottles used as a garden boundary. brilliant.

so polite! thanks for putting the christmas ornament on the coat rack, of course I’ll remove my shoes for you!

more of the pretty kitchen.

thats just one of the two front doors.

they even use pretty filing baskets.

i made my own doorbell, didn’t you? 

of course there’s a quaint little hammock. child sold separately.

plenty of front porch seating. for people watching and such.

and the light hits this house just so…

a bucket of rocks for counting. at least a half hour of five year old entertainment.


blue and white stripes. I like these even more than i like cupcakes.

this is my dream for now and forever.hope you didn’t mind that barrage of photos. I just couldn’t contain my excitement about this perfect little home. did you notice that every wall was white? and it wasn’t even the slightest bit hospital-ish. white has never been so stylish.

thank you, owner of this house. you made my day.










































Author: audrey

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One thought on “This is even better than food.

  1. I loved everyone of your photos. What a lovely house and beautiful home. Thanks so much for sharing.

    P.S. We have a coat rack in the corner of our master bedroom (it prevents clothes from being thrown over my mother’s antique rocking chair that sits in the opposite corner :)

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