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I’ve been up in Saratoga this weekend, spending some time with new friends and old. One of the new taught us the most genius way of cutting a watermelon… like a stick! It’s quite possibly the least messy way to eat watermelon ever. You cut it into 1″ thick half circles like you would if you were making triangle pieces, but then you cut them into strips so the green part is there for you to hold on to and your face doesn’t get all messy!

Genius I tell you.


Sorry for the out of focus/poorly composed photo, this bowl was empty approximately .5 seconds after I snapped the shot. With ravenous teenagers and five year olds around the house, tempting watermelon doesn’t last long.

Enjoy your today!



Author: audrey

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One thought on “Genius

  1. So simple and works wonderfully!

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