The Little Mermaid

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Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but the best way to make friends as a four year old is to sing the Ariel song for everyone to hear. At least that’s what I thought back in 1998. My mom would get weekly calls about my gathering of the other little tykes around me during play time so they could listen to me sing. Ah, the pride I had.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out I’d be doing the desserts and favors for a Little Mermaid themed birthday party! I’m not quite up to dessert table status yet, I’m confident that I’ll get there soon though! Here are the photos…

These were going to be purple sea urchin cupcakes, but they ended up looking more like Ursula’s hair. Go with the flow yo.

Starfish cookies with luster dust

I really don’t like to put toppers on cakes, I feel that it’s very chain ice cream store-ish, but when the cake is for a five year old girl who watches this movie more than once a week, I don’t want her critiquing an ariel made out of frosting. Bonus, she gets to keep the doll! The cake was a three layer vanilla 8″ cake with a two layer 6″ cake on top. Perfect amount for 25-30 people.

There were also some of these less sugary treats for the adults…



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  1. audrey, i love you! SOO inspiring<3

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