Whole Finds: Ikea Chocolate!

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If you’re any kind of a chocolate fanatic like I am, sometimes Hershey’s simply won’t do. I’ve even outgrown Nestle. The chips don’t melt nicely, the flavor is subdued. I also recently learned that chocolate chips have waxy stuff in them so they keep their shape, yuck. Since then I’ve been using bars of chocolate chopped up. Ghirardelli bars get really expensive, $3 or more most places, but I’ve found an almost perfect alternative…

Ikea Chocolate! I mean for realz yo, what isn’t amazing about Ikea?

This chocolate is insanely good straight up, but chopped up and thrown into a giant chocolate chip skillet cookie (which you will be seeing soon… it’s in my oven as I type!) it’s unbelievable. I am no chocolatier, but I know that when chocolate snaps when you break it that it is good quality. This has that snap! It’s cocoa content is kept a secret by these swedish people, but I’d guess that it’s around 55-60% based on its flavor. At only $1 per 3.5 oz bar, these are a steal!!

Hazelnut chocolate and Milk chocolate are also available.

Look… they even imprint some pretty little stars on the bars! It’s like a little piece of christmas on each square.

Go to Ikea. Now. Get some green apple scented candles while you’re there… they come in a cute little glass container, smell as delicious as yankee candle, and are really inexpensive!

Happy Friday!



Author: audrey

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One thought on “Whole Finds: Ikea Chocolate!

  1. IKEA meatballs are the bomb as well. I’d considered having “birthday dinners” there. And princess cake? Amazing!

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