Thanks Starbucks, for Tulip Muffin Wrappers

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For whipped cream and green straws and homey smells and good cds. And thanks for the inspiration for these wrappers. Yours are a little prettier, but I can live with that.

So to make these lovely little rustic wrappers (was that a double alliteration?), you must have some parchment paper. Have I mentioned how important this stuff is? It can get you out of just about every sticky situation (literally). For cookie sheets I use wilton’s brand because the width is just what I need, but for muffins I use If You Care natural parchment paper. I like the brown against the muffin, and the size of the paper works better as well.

What you need:

-Parchment paper (NOT waxed paper)


-muffin pan

-juice glass

First, I rip off a loooooong sheet of parchment paper. Then I cut it up the middle, so it’s about 5-6 inches wide (you don’t need a perfectly straight line, it doesn’t really matter). After that, I cut it into about 5-6 inch square pieces. I lay the square on top of one of the sections in a muffin tin, and press it down in using a juice glass to create folds in the cup. Fill with muffin batter and bake!



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