Whole Finds: Wegmans!

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If you’ve never been to wegmans, that’s a darn shame. It’s basically the most spectacular grocery store on this planet. Crazy brands that no one’s ever heard of, gourmet pre-made foods, and even dinnerware! Basically all of my favorite things in one place. Did I mention the fact that there are no fluorescent lights? Yeah, well, there aren’t. I meant to do this as a whole finds weeks ago, just before I had issues with my iPhoto. Now that it’s all fixed I finally can! This isn’t really a post about one cool thing I found at the grocery store. This is just everything cool about one grocery store. I feel like it shouldn’t even be called a grocery store. An entirely new category should be made up for Wegmans.

ahh, the ethnic foods aisle. Selling the same soda that we have in America, but with spanish labels!

Cases of baby pellegrino (pellegrini?). Need I say more?

Yeah, I like my water in fancy glass bottles.

I also really like beautifully packaged pasta…

GIANT bags of the best tortilla chips ever created…

Because everyone needs four different varieties of almonds. Standard almonds simply won’t do sometimes.

I think Willy Wonka might have a timeshare in Wegmans.

^These lollipops are the funniest thing. No one can stand to not buy them, yet no one can finish one either!

In case you decide that you’re in need of some garden gnomes and giant snails while you’re picking up some cold cuts, Wegmans has got your back.

And lastly, for all of your Cinco de Mayo needs…

I think I’ll name him Larry.

So thanks Eric, for going to school in a town where the greatest entertainment comes from a grocery megastore. (Megastore makes it sound cheesy. Make no mistake, Wegmans couldn’t possibly get any classier.)



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