the birth day day of maggie kay.

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Fifteen years ago today, you decided to pop that little ginger head of yours out and say hi. You have no exciting birth day story as you informed me last night. That’s okay. I have enough exciting birth day stories for the both of us combined. You can just be perfect, I’ll be the difficult one. I’m really glad that you had this day of birth. Because you’re the best. And I mean it. You really are. You’re good at making things special. Making them happy. Making them colorful.

Last night we celebrated your fifteen years minus four hours with a birthday dinner, as everyone should. Painters, of course, was the destination. Since it would be your last dinner as a fourteen year old, naturally you ordered pasta with butter. Why have it any other way? Pasta with butter is really difficult to make at home…

{photo credit: eric}

After dinner you enjoyed this. I hope. I remembered that a few years ago you mentioned that you wanted me to make you a rainbow cake. Before I’d become a blog obsessed human, I had no idea that you could rainbow the actual cake. I’d just pictured the outside being rainbow. I like surprising people, so I tried as hard as I could to surprise you with this cake. I think you were. Happy Burt-day Maggie Kay.

My new favorite ruffle technique!

Neon leveled cake scraps. Breakfast of Champions.

more ruffles. I can’t help myself.

Surprise!! I don’t think I’ll even give a tutorial of this cake, everyone else has done it already. Just google rainbow layer cake and you should find 10 different ways to make it. I used white cake and swiss meringue buttercream!

Oh by the way, Painters lets you play with fire and crayons and make art while you wait for you food. They’re cool like that.


Enjoy fifteen maggiekay.

seems like you’ve gotten the whole enjoying life thing down already.


Author: audrey

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