In a Rut, and Whole Finds

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That’s me. Stuck. Like walking through maple syrup. I can’t get out. I haven’t felt like writing. I haven’t felt like baking. I think it’s partially the rain and partially the fact that dishes don’t wash themselves. I’ve only made one thing this week and it’s those euphoric brownies that I’ve already shared.

I also haven’t been able to upload any new pictures. A disk is full on my computer or something dumb like that. Technology has got me down. One of my favorite aspects of film vs. digital is that you only have 24 or 36 chances to capture what you want to. That means every shot has to be beautiful. No room for mistakes, no chances to delete files and make room for better ones. If I could only shoot 24 pictures a day for the rest of my life I’d stop filling up this darn computer so quickly with insane smiles and ridiculous amounts of pictures of food.

Since I have no new recipes to share and no new photos for you to drool at, I’m going to start something new. I think I’ll call it Whole Finds. Cool finds at whole foods that I buy just because I can’t resist. If I happen to go to another super rad grocery store I guess I’ll tell you about what I found there too. Maybe I’ll do this once a week. Those days that I don’t feel like baking. I’ve always wanted to have a thing. For example, Bridget at Bake at 350 has “Works for me Wednesday” and Michelle at Brown Eyed Baker has “The Weekend Dish”. I’ll have Whole Finds. This could be fun.

My first Whole Finds post is this thing…

Nope, not the banana. Hahah, imagine I gave you that grand introduction for a banana? Whole Finds of the week is this ‘Horned Melon’. It looked awesome, and I’d never seen one. Why on earth wouldn’t I secretly hide it under the tortilla chips in our shopping cart? Being that this was a melon, I was expecting the insides to have some melon like qualities. Smooth fruity deliciousness and a center of seeds or something like that. Woah dream big. Nothing of the sort. Instead, I found this on the inside…

Different. Unique. Rather nasty. I really wish that this was a better find, some new super fruity exotic healthy delicious thing. But it wasn’t. It smelled terribly rotten, although I don’t think it was. Oh well. Better luck next week!

Excuse my awkwardness. After the shutter closed on this one the horned melon was promptly thrown in the garbage. Ps… What do you think of my favorite purple door?!

Happy Spring Break!


Just one more shot of the gag inducing melon…


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