Pepto Pink & Super Smash Cakes

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Tonight I learned something. Americolor brand gel food coloring in fuchsia must be what Procter & Gamble uses in their famous Pepto Bismol. Exhibit A:

There’s no exhibit b, I just felt cool saying exhibit a.

Has anyone heard of a smash cake? I only found out about them a few months ago. Apparently it’s a mini cake to put in front of a baby on their first birthday. As you can imagine, they are supposed to do exactly what the name of the cake says to do. Smash. This leads to a very happy baby, some memorable photos, and lots of clean up. It’s worth it just for the photos. Not having to yell at your child on their first birthday for sticking their fingers in someone else’s cake is a plus too.

For my first smash cake order ever, I wasn’t given much of a direction. My only instructions were: PINK. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity for a pink ruffle cake that I’ve been patiently waiting for a reason to make, I fired up the ovens. I covered the cake in lots of Swiss Meringue Buttercream. This buttercream is like no other. It has a beautiful sheen and the most silky smooth texture possible. I figured it would be the perfect pair to sticky little fingers of a one year old.  This recipe for the buttercream was just enough to crumb coat and ruffle pipe my tiny two tier 6″ cake.

Happy almost Friday!




Author: audrey

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