It’s Ice Cream! It’s Frozen Yogurt! It’s…

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Bananas? Whaaaaaat? That’s what I thought too. Until I made it. Then I was like, how can something so creamy and delicious and decadent be fruit? (Not that I don’t think that fruit is delicious, because I do. Especially berries. Covered in chocolate. And apples. Covered in cinnamon sugar.)

This is basically the easiest, most healthy frozen ‘ice cream’ like treat you will ever encounter. You could make it even healthier, by throwing in a handful of nuts or berries or other chopped fruit. The worst part of this is having to listen to the food processor. Absolutely piercing. It’s worth it though, I promise. You get one of your five daily, but feel like you’re eating ice cream! This is also a great dessert for someone who’s vegan, it’s very rich and creamy. If I was vegan I would miss rich and creamy stuff. I’m glad I’m not vegan.

I feel bad to keep referring to this stuff as ‘it’, because it really deserves a more substantial name. It’s not ice cream, or froyo, but its not icy like a sorbet. If you can think of a name, comment!

Banana Stuff

2-3 bananas, cut into circles

Add-Ins (any combination works, if you can think of others, comment!)

-1/4 cup peanut butter

-1/4 cup chopped chocolate

-walnuts (mmmm chunky monkey)


-Chopped strawberries


-really anything that tastes good with banana!

Freeze disks of banana in a single layer on a cookie sheet for 1-2 hours.

If you don’t plan on making this right away, put the already frozen banana slices into a large ziplock bag in the freezer to save space. (You MUST freeze them in a single layer first though, because otherwise they will freeze together as one huge chunk).

When ready to make the banana stuff, Throw all of the banana into the food processor and process until it looks almost like the texture of dippin dots. Scrape downs sides of food processor, and continue to process until smooth and creamy. (I won’t lie, I got sick of listening to my cuisinart so once the banana was processed into tiny bits, I threw it into a deep bowl and mixed it with my hand mixer until it was almost smooth. It didn’t get totally smooth, but I kind of like the few bits of frozen banana.) At this point, add any of the add ins by hand.

It’s the consistency of soft serve if you eat it right away, otherwise you can freeze it in a plastic container or one of these for up to one month, although I doubt it’ll last that long.

Enjoy your healthy (but decadent) snack!



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