I have more to say about spring that I didn’t get to in that last long overdue post. Like how my mood reflects the weather. So by February, I am not a very happy person. The excitement of Christmas is over and all thats left is boring old dirty white snow. And gray sky. No color, no vibrant flowers, no fresh produce with bright flavors, no yellow rainboots. I love how varied spring is. One minute it’s freezing but so sunny that it doesn’t even matter, and the next it’s pouring. Another great thing about spring is sun showers! I think I love sun showers so much because I love clean, and to me, rain is clean. So I kind of get the best of both worlds. Rain, warm, and sun! AND I get to wear my yellow rainboots! Have I mentioned my YELLOW RAINBOOTS?! Have I told you how much I adore them? Happy feet.

I love keeping fresh flowers around the house in the spring, as long as there are zero lilies. I hate the smell of those. They have that unpleasant funeral home musk. Sunflowers and Daisies, however, have almost no smell but look gorgeous and smiley! I don’t remember when I decided that letting them rest in an old fashioned milk bottle would be a good idea, but I like it. Quirky. Cute. Unique.

See that cute little out of focus thing in that second picture? That’s buggy. If anyone was a buggy person, it was my mom. If personalities could be translated to cars, a yellow convertible buggy is my mom. She was the happiest, brightest, most giving and caring person I will ever know. You probably think that I’m biased because she was my mom. But really, ask anyone that knew her and I’m positive they’d say the same. She didn’t go one day in the last ten years of her life without saying “It’s all good” more than thirty times. That was her catchphrase. So was “whatever”. Not in the attitude way, in the ‘I’m just going to let this roll off my shoulders because it really doesn’t bother me’ kind of way. Nothing about her wasn’t the best. I spent more time with her than anyone else in the world, and I chose to hang out with her over my friends more than 90% of the time.

If you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m speaking all in past tense about her. We lost her a year and one day ago. She wrestled with cancer for over two years, and made sure that those were the best two years of her life. Not one second was wasted, every moment counted. Going through this battle only made her more positive, her hope gave everyone else hope. Although I’m ridiculously sad at the thought that she won’t be here for the rest of my life, she gave me perspective. After she passed I understood how precious life is and that the little problems don’t matter. It really is all good.

On to cheerier things. Like the bug. One night about two years ago I was joking around with my dad after my mom had gone to bed, and said, “We should buy mom a buggy for mothers day. We’re always so terrible with getting her gifts and if we got her something really awesome for mothers day it would be the most unexpected surprise ever.” He took me seriously. A week later we were at the VW store, and our salesman Alan had talked us into it. As he was signing the papers, I was sitting inside the one convertible yellow buggy left at this branch, the floor model. The one impulse buy that we will never EVER regret. We surprised her with the car on the friday before mothers day, because my cousins communion was the next day so we wanted her to be able to show it off. May 8th, 2009, we brought it home. I was at home with Mom, and my dad went to pick it up. Eric was at tennis practice, so we had to wait until he got home for the reveal. My dad sat in the parked car around the corner for more than an hour, while I was shaking with excitement in the house. (I really REALLY love giving people surprising presents, yet I hate being on the receiving end of them). With the text saying it was time, I closed the blinds as the boys walked into the house. And mom was doing laundry downstairs. I called her up, and she was almost a little annoyed that I’d pulled her away from a chore. We stood really awkwardly and strangely in the living room, and she was really confused as I opened the curtains. Confused became angry, angry became tears of happiness. “How could we just go buy a car?” she questioned us. “You deserved it” “What are you talking about?” (Mom was also the most humble person ever). We let her drive it around for a bit, but she didn’t get very far because she was nervous to drive while crying. The next day she spent hours driving cousins and family around town in the buggy, and loved every second of it. Although she wasn’t a material person, she couldn’t have loved anything more than this car. She’d park it a half mile away from a store just to be sure that no one would park near it. When it stopped saying “hiya” when she unlocked it, she rushed it to the VW dealer. It’s hard to believe that a car could have such a big impact on someones life, especially when they’re only given 10 more months of life to enjoy it. We spent every day that summer in the car, driving just for fun. It was impossible for her to not smile when driving it, and although she normally hated attention, she loved the attention that she got from this car. Little kids playfully punching each other in excitement as we drove by, mesmerized by the car.

Being that I’m turning 17 in six months, this ball of joy on four wheels will be mine. As bittersweet as it is, I’m glad that wherever I go I’ll have her with me.

^I’m so lucky that I look like her.

^I wish we had a better picture of her during the day with the top down, but you can still see the most beautiful smile in this one.

^She wouldn’t be too happy about me posting such a close up picture of her on the internet, but I think she’s absolutely beautiful, and could rock that cancer hair!



PS. I feel a little cheesy to dedicate a post about my mom and her car, but I felt the need to talk about it. And the internet is always willing to listen.

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7 thoughts on “Buggy

  1. You are an incredible witer, Audrey!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your incredible story. You are right, your mom was the most unassuming, giving, caring & sweet person I’ve ever met.
    I knew about the surprise car, but never heard the details! Thank you for giving her such a special surprise!!!! She deserved it more than ANYONE I know!!!!
    She’d be SO proud of you (she IS so proud of you!)…
    She was so special, and you, my beautiful Audrey, are SO SPECIAL TOO!!!!!!
    Thinking of you………………

  2. I loved your mom’s yellow bug, but the big blue Dodge(?) reminds me more of her. That car was ALWAYS parked at one of the schools – waiting to pick you or your brother up, or in the school volunteering for yet another PTA event.

  3. That was beautiful & brought tears to my eyes. I can vouch that your Mom truly was the most caring, kind, bright, generous, humble and beautiful people I knew. I miss her so. She always brought her sunshine with her where ever she went. I have an awesome picture in my mind of the day she drove up to my driveway with the bug. She was beyond thrilled and her smile was ear to ear. The best gift ever! She was an amazing Mom and I am so glad to know how much you treasured one another. I think you Mom is so proud of who you are….one very special young woman with a whole lot of heart.

    Love, Judy

  4. My beautiful Audrey. What a wonderful piece you have written. I don’t have the words to describe (and as you know, for me, that’s pretty difficult). Thank you forever for sharing this beautiful memory. You’re right, Sue was always happiest driving the buggie around. She used to stand by it and say ” look, it’s smiling at you”! Your Mom loves you always and forever Audrey. She will always be with you! Love you so much, Aunt Nancy

  5. Dear audrey. As you already know I love you dearly but I am so proud.of your tribute to your mother.

    Your mother was such a special person and I will never know another like her. She taught me so much more than I ever taught her. I know she came to me to teach me how to love and care for others as I never knew how

    God bless you in your life and I know your mother goes with you as she loved you too much to ever desert you. Love, Mima

  6. I and my husband, Tom are friends of your Uncle Don & Aunt Leslie. You and your mom and other members of your family were at our house a few years ago for the “Great Steak Cook-off”–do you remember?
    That was one of the best things I have ever read! You are so wise and mature beyond your years. What a special person you are! I know that she’s smiling at you all the time and is proud of the woman you are becoming.

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