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I love Saint P’s day. I’m not really Irish, but I like wearing green. I like seeing a lot of people wearing green. It’s relaxing to me.

Jumbled thoughts today, nothing too memorable to say. I did find the best new desk ever, a windowsill! I get the best of everything, I can be almost outside and still lean on something while listening to teachers and doing my work. Very exciting news, I know.

Anywho. I made 4 of those 5 baked goods that I mentioned yesterday. Mmmmmm.

^These were the biggest hit. And they’re healthy. To me, at least. Which means that having more than three of them is an acceptable dinner. I used Whole Wheat Pastry Flour and left out the cinnamon. This picture is of the first batch, the second batch that I made I flattened out the cookies a bit with the back of a spoon before throwing them in the oven (that’s right, I throw my cookies in the oven). They were a little wider and less puffy and I liked how they looked much better.

^Another fantastic use of chocolate and peanut butter, in a granola bar! I’m assuming that homemade has to be much healthier than Chewy bars, and I’ve never attempted making these before. I started with this recipe, but changed it up a bit. Instead of honey I used Agave Nectar. And I didn’t have any peanuts on hand so I chopped up almonds instead. They were nice, added a little bit more sweetness. The chocolate chips that I use for almost everything are Ghirardelli Bittersweet. They’re huge and much more dark and rich in flavor than the standard Nestle Semi Sweet.

Pictures taken before 7am right after daylight savings time are clearly not taken in natural light, I apologize for the inconvenience. These are the Irish Soda Bread Biscuits. Much easier to hand out than slices of Irish Soda Bread, and I think that anything made in a muffin tin is absolutely adorable. I made the recipe without caraway seeds and raisins, but sprinkled a little sugar in the raw on top before baking. It added a nice sweet crunch that gave them flavor since I couldn’t hand out pats of butter to everyone in school.

Double Chocolate Yogurt Muffins. Just from the name it’s obvious that these will be moist and delicious. I didn’t change anything in this recipe. The yogurt I used was plain whole milk yogurt and I used Ghirardelli cocoa powder, I really don’t like Hershey’s. It tastes very bland when baked into something to me. The batter tasted like chocolate frozen yogurt. Mmmm. Not that I eat raw muffin batter or anything… These muffins were strange when I took them out of the oven though, they wouldn’t stay in their foil wrappers! Oh well. I let them have their way and be naked. Just as delicious.

I love not having homework and being able to bake everything in the universe.

Hope everyone’s enjoyed their St. Patty’s Day! Yay for green bagels!


ps… My little miracles from yesterday were smiling even more today….


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