Little Miracles


I’m definitely the kind of person who gets more excited about the little things than the big things. Everyday miracles that seem more fantastic to me than the big ones, because they happen all the time. Good things happening frequently is an awesome thing.

This morning my alarm went off way before the sun came up. I was out the door before the sun came up. Rain was falling on my head before the sun came up. And then sometime around 11am, the rain stopped. Now at 3pm its lovely. A little overcast, but I can’t expect a perfect ten in march! While grabbing the mail I noticed something. A miracle. A few little buds popping out of the ground, announcing that mother nature will soon let us outside without anything to button or zipper. We can have picnics. We can open windows. Those pure buds are reassuring that no matter what we have to go through, even if it is as small as a nasty winter, there will always be something good along with it. There is no such thing as good without bad. There would be no such thing as spring without winter. We only appreciate things when they have been absent, which is why we are so lucky to experience change.

Another small miracle are these flowers… I bought them Saturday March 5th. It is now Wednesday March 16th. If you count the day I bought them, I have had them in that adorable milk bottle for 12 days. TWELVE DAYS! They are still pristine. Only one petal has even so much as drooped. I love gerbera daisys and their stubbornness.


Go find a little miracle and appreciate it.


ps…my lack of homework tonight has put me in a feed the world kinda mood. I’m planning on making these, these, these, these, and these of course.

Pictures on what I actually get done to follow!


Author: audrey

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