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Second post within six hours. Is it obvious that I don’t want to study for physics? I’ve had a lot of thoughts floating through my brain today and can’t seem to stop using the word rando. I hate abbreviating words, but I like this one. Rando strangers, rando flavors, rando high fives. Randomness is awesome, just like it’s abbreviation. Appreciate the Abbreviate! That doesn’t even  make sense. Whatevs. I CAN’T STOP MYSELF.

Anywho, I’ve been thinking again. Giving my brain a workout. It can certainly use one. Do you ever wish that you could just be friends with someone? Like a rando person that you’ll probably never see again? wouldn’t it be great if those 5 minute relationships with people that you see as really awesome, be it the cashier at Whole Foods, the guy dancing to Lady Gaga while stopped at a red light next to you, that waitress at Lago, a restaurant that you go to less than once a year while vacationing on Lake Winnepesaukee in NH, or even the director of admissions at Le Cordon Bleu in Boston, could last forever? You just have this instinctual feeling that this person that you are talking to right now is going to be the most ridiculously awesome person you will ever meet.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve just begun the college process. Culinary is my top choice of study at the moment, but I know that’ll change by April. I decided to take action on this mindset because I might as well. It can’t hurt. After a long game of phone tag, this guy Ryan from the office of admissions at Le Cordon Bleu finally got in contact with me. I had no more than 8 minutes talking to him, but I don’t see myself forgetting those 8 minutes any time soon. There was nothing special about him, but something in the way he spoke so informally about something that is usually so formal made me feel like this guy is awesome. It’s a bummer that we live in a world where it’s really hard to be friends with anyone that you want. So many things set us apart. Age difference, social status, religion, morals, beliefs. Lets change that.

Here’s a perfect example… This guy was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My wee cousin Erwin was lucky enough to get a high five from him. I couldn’t be more jealous.




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