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It’s a funny thing, being in high school. Being rewarded for everything that is expected of you. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just that there seem to be excessive inductions and concerts and meetings and programs. School has become life. That’s what makes me nervous about growing up, will work one day become life? If we go to school so we can get into college and go to college so we can get a good job, what do we have a good job for? What is a good job? Is it money? Flexible hours? Time for yourself? I’m very confused at this point in my life, having just begun the college process. I wish everything was simple. That I really could take my life one day at a time, not worry about the future and what it holds. But the strange snowglobe of a town that I live in expects more than that of us 16 year olds. Sixteen. That’s it. I haven’t even been around as long as Rugrats, and I’m supposed to know what I’m doing with my life.

Anyway, now that that’s off my chest, let’s get back to the being rewarded for everything that is expected of us high schoolers. Last night, 65 juniors at my school were inducted into the National Foreign Language Honors Society. I was one of them. However, all I had to do to become an inductee was keep my average above a ninety. I didn’t have to learn how to have a conversation with anyone from italy, I didn’t have to read any books written in Italian. All I know about the language is how to conjugate a few verbs. I can write a few essays (written in simple, elementary school language), read some short passages, maybe even exchange a few lines with someone who speaks the language. But if you put me on the spot, there’s no way I’d be able to have a conversation with anyone. So how can I possibly be a member of this society? I don’t believe that my ability to say “Posso andare al bagno” (Can I go to the bathroom) makes me honorable in any way.

I guess I should feel accomplished, and it’s a shame that I don’t. To me, the 150 cupcakes I made for this ceremony was more of an accomplishment than learning a few simple terms in another language and being inducted into a society for honorable students. I made the cupcakes in flavors that represent the three languages, Spanish, French, and Italian. For the Spanish I made Dulce de Leche Cupcakes, using Joy the Baker’s recipe (these were my favorite, they had an awesome sweet and salty thing going on, and almost tasted like a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips). For the Italian I made Vanilla Bean cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream (I think this was the majority’s favorite, simple and made with well known flavors). For the French I was planning on making Creme Brulee Cupcakes, but I was the only one home when I was making these and didn’t feel like risking my life by using my kitchen torch, so I made Dark Chocolate cupcakes and used chocolate mousse to frost them. They were delicious as well, but the chocolate mousse looked ugly when it was piped on the cupcakes, they had sort of a fancy poop effect. Sorry to be so graphic.

Here are some pictures, I don’t feel that the recipes are that necessary. It’s not like anyone who reads this is about to sprint out of their chair to go bake some ethnic cupcakes.

See my new cupcake boxes in the bottom left corner^?! I couldn’t possibly be more excited about cardboard. Even if it was a life size singing cardboard cutout of Jason Mraz.

^fancy poop effect.

Ps. If you can help me understand the meaning of life, rewards, ceremonies, or why grandfather clocks are so fickle, leave a comment!


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One thought on “Honors Society

  1. Audrey, I’ve been thinking about the same thing. And I’m only a freshman. People have lowered their standards way too much, but not really… I can’t explain it. They expect a lot from us kids but they reward people for practically everything. I love getting recognized for my accomplishments and I want everyone else to feel the way I do when I am, but it doesn’t feel as special when so many others are getting the same thing as you. Maybe that’s why I’m involved in so many different activities and I’m such an over-achiever. I want to find the one thing that I’m the best at, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Everyone is the best at something. How can’t they be? There are so many things to be good at! Sewing, running, math, baking, smiling (*cough* you on those last two *cough*). And don’t get me wrong, I love it when people think I’m “the best” at something, but it just makes me think about how there are so many people that are better than me. (Cello is my best example of that) I got a little off-topic here, but I told you what I was thinking. And I hope you do well on your physics test!


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