An ambitious spirit with more than one sweet tooth, I started Plays With Food just shy of 15 years old as a way to “make money”. I was frustrated that no bakery would hire me, a fourteen year old with working papers who couldn’t legally work machinery. So I decided if no one else would hire me, I’d hire myself. Without understanding anything about business, I set off handing out ghetto fliers and magnetized business cards designed with no concept of color. At the time I didn’t think about the future of the business, this was just for now. Just for fun, I told myself.

Three years later I couldn’t be more grateful that my parents were supportive of this decision (even though I’m sure when I first told them about it they didn’t expect it to last any longer than my lemonade stand in third grade). I’ve grown close to many people because of this business, and learned hands on things that I could never learn in a classroom. This business has helped me make many decisions in my life, some small (like forgoing a night with my friends to make a wedding cake), and some big, (like postponing college to do what I love full-time). That silly little “business” I made in the summer of 2009 has set me up for the career of my dreams.

This year, I’m getting a lot more serious. I’m not quite as custom as I used to be (though I’m still happy to work with whatever you have in mind). I have a real menu and price list, things are standard now. I’m hoping to use this year of the business as a jumping off point for a cafe` type storefront that I’d love to open in the very near future. You know, dream big and all that jazz. I’m also adding catering to Plays With Food this year, instead of being a desserts only company. While cocktail parties filled with passed appetizers are my fave, I’d love to help design a custom menu for your small dinner parties as well.

I hope you’ll join me as I expand and continue to create this year! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Audrey Gebhardt

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  1. congrats kid, love the new look

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